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The hygienic solution for hip spica or femur fracture cast treatments

BSN medical continually strives to develop and offer the best solutions that support medical experts in achieving safe and successful treatments. In particular, the care of paediatric patients needs considered development as well as the products used in that treatment.

With this in mind, BSN medical has expanded the Delta-Dry® product range with the innovative Delta-Dry Pantaloon. This pre-shaped, soft and water-resistant liner has been developed using the patented Delta-Dry technology to simplify the treatment of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip or Femur Fractures. The aim of the Delta-Dry Pantaloon is to help support improved patient hygiene and ease of application for both patient and clinician.

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Delta-Dry technology

  • Water-resistant inner material that can help to increase patient and parent acceptance and potentially supports time and cost savings
    • Enables bathing and flushing
    • Helps to avoid odour, itching and skin maceration
    • Can help to allow increased duration between cast changes (up to 6 weeks)

Quick dry system

  • High water vapour permeability for optimised hygienic care
    • Dries within 90 minutes
    • Helps patient's skin to breathe

Care and protection

  • Soft, flexible and cushioned for infant skin to offer high wearing comfort
    • Protects bony prominences
    • Provides safety during cast removal
    • Comes with foldable flap and cast ends

Pre-cut shape in three sizes

  • Permits an easy application, a suitable fit with little creasing, offering high wearing comfort and allowing safe and easy application

X-ray translucency

CodeSizeMeasurementsPack Qty
73365-001<25cm1 x 1
73365-01225-29.5cm1 x 1
73365-023>29.5cm1 x 1