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Plaster of Paris

Biplatrix is a very fast setting plaster of Paris bandage that consists of a cotton gauze substrate which is spread with gypsum and spooled on a round core. The bandages wet rapidly and evenly with no dry spots and the initial weight of plaster spread and its low plaster loss combine to offer a smooth plaster and a more durable cast.  

Ultra Fast setting time

  • 110 seconds when activated in water (at maximum 25ºC)
  • Ideal for orthotic applications

High resistance and durability

  • The high mass weight of Biplatrix combined with low plaster loss provides a more durable cast

Round cores

  • The core improves the stability and handling characteristics of the wet bandage, which is particularly important on wider sizes. The core design ensures good “wetting out” of the bandage.

Moisture resistant packaging

  • Biplatrix rolls are packed in a clear polythene film, which protects them from humidity and water, and are then packed in a durable carton. This ensures the product is maintained in the best conditions until its use.

Available in roll and slab (4 ply) format

CodeSizePack QtyNHS SC Code
71995-245cm x 3m1 x 40 rollsEAA015
71995-058cm x 3m1 x 40 rollsEAA018
71995-0610cm x 3m1 x 40 rollsEAA029
71995-0915cm x 3m1 x 40 rollsEAA030
71995-1120cm x 3m1 x 20 rollsEAA031
71995-1510cm x 25m1 x 1 slabsEAA032
71995-1615cm x 25m1 x 1 slabsEAA033
71995-1720cm x 25m1 x 1 slabsEAA034