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Quick Immobilisation of Fractures

Delta-Xpress is a groundbreaking new splinting system that allows you to immobilise limbs in a fraction of the time compared to conventional splints or casts. The prefabricated design is intuitive to use, while providing secure and precise immobilisation.



  • Post-traumatic emergency immobilisation
  • Immediate immobilisation before applying a long-term splint or cast
  • Primary care of soft tissue injuries

Precise clinical positioning

  • Pre-defined angles hold limb in optimal healing position
  • Product comes ready-to-apply
  • Easy and secure application

Quick - the fastest immobilisation ever

  • Prefabricated design allows instant application
  • No activation, no curing, no clean-up
  • No need for water activation or even working space
  • Instructions and icons on product support quick and correct application

Secure - safe and strong

  • Rigid compound material
  • Good conformability for individual fit
  • Fixation with bandage or hook & loop-straps
CodeSizePack Qty
Wrist and finger splint
72713-00Small1 x 10
72713-01Medium1 x 10
72713-02Large1 x 10
Wrist splint
72712-00Small1 x 10
72712-01Medium1 x 10
72712-02Large1 x 10
Lower leg splint
72711-00Small1 x 10
72711-01Medium 1 x 10
72711-02Large1 x 10
Elbow splint
72710-00Small1 x 10
72710-01Medium1 x 10
72710-02Large1 x 10