Actimove® Closed Shell Air Walker
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High quality support for every step

The Actimove Walker range offers impressive features. A high quality, rigid outer skeleton ensures high protection of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Circumferential strapping, a shock absorbing sole and breathable materials provide comfort for the patient. Walking with the Actimove Walker products feels natural through the rocker bottom which simulates a physiological gait.

  • Fractures of the foot and ankle
  • Lower extremity soft-tissue injuries
  • Severe ankle and foot sprains
  • Post-operative and rehabilitation use
  • Achilles tendon ruptures (only in combination with separately available Actimove Heel Wedge)

  • Advanced features for safety and patient care

    • Circumferential strapping for critical stability
    • Shock absorbing sole and rocker bottom to minimise impact and simulating a natural gait
    • Breathable liner for high wearing comfort
    • Adjustable heel wedge for Achilles tendon injuries (available separately)
    • Adjustable toe guard provides protection in the toe area

  • Integrated pump and valve system

    • Designed to easily adjust desired compression level


CodeSizeUK Shoe SizeNHS SC Code
Actimove Closed Shell Air Walker Low
76276-10X Small< 3ERE314
76276-11Small4 - 6.5ERE315
76276-12Medium7 - 9.5ERE316
76276-13Large10 - 12ERE317
76276-14X Large> 12ERE318
Actimove Closed Shell Air Walker High
76276-15X Small< 3ERE319
76276-16Small4 - 6.5ERE320
76276-17Medium7 - 9.5ERE321
76276-18Large10 - 12ERE322
76276-19X Large> 12ERE323
Actimove Heel wedge