Actimove® AluFoam
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Aluminium finger splint

Actimove AluFoam finger splints are lightweight aluminium splints, laminated with sturdy foam. The splint can be cut and formed to correctly immobilise any finger injury.


  • Subungual haematoma
  • Nail bed laceration
  • Distal phalanx fracture
  • Mallet finger
  • FDP avulsion
  • DIP joint dislocation

Aluminium splints

  • Lightweight, strong, flexible material can be easily moulded to individual patients needs
  • Easily cut to size to ensure patient comfort
  • Provides reliable stabilisation of all finger injuries

High density foam padding

  • Provides comfortable cushioning support
  • Cushions to protect injuries and adjusts as swelling subsides

Range of widths

  • Suits all patient requirements for finger tip injuries
Code Size Pack Qty NHS SC Code
72956-00 1.3cm x 50cm 1 x 12 splints GQT1405
72956-01 1.9cm x 50cm 1 x 12 splints GQT1406
72956-02 2.4cm x 50cm 1 x 12 splints GQT1400