Actimove® Vertebrace
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Extrication collar

A simple to use, lightweight, padded support device used to help immobilise the cervical vertebrace. The collar completely encircles the neck and provides rigid support for the head, chin and base of the skull.

  • Acute and emergency care
  • Short term use after whiplash injury
  • Acute and chronic cervical syndrome
  • Spondylarthritis
  • Cervical strains
  • Post-operative support

Actimove Vertebrace can be used in conjunction with a standard backboard for emergency use in suspected sinal cord injuries.

  • One piece construction which is both light and padded, with integrated flip up chin support
  • Reinforced back which provides firm cervical support
  • Open structure to allow pulse measurement and tracheotomy access
  • Simple to use, colour coded sizing system to ensure correct fitting
  • Can be stacked flat for easy storage
  • X-ray translucent
Code Size Pack Qty Dimensions NHS SC Code
79300-00 Paediatric short 1 x 1 collar Height: 6cm, Length: 43cm GQB931
79305-00 Paediatric 1 x 1 collar Height: 9cm Length: 45cm GQB926
79301-00 Extra short 1 x 1 collar Height: 7cm Length: 57cm GQB927
79302-00 Short 1 x 1 collar Height: 9cm Length: 57cm GQB928
79303-00 Regular 1 x 1 collar Height:11cm Length: 57cm GQB929
79304-00 Tall 1 x 1 collar Height: 14cm Length: 57cm GQB936