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Elastic adhesive bandage

Leukoband is an elastic adhesive bandage used for the compression and support of muscles and joints, Leukoband is constructed of a high quality, smooth textures 100% cotton backing material making it ideal for professional sports use. Available in large pack this is ideal for club use.   

  • Treatment of conditions which require limitation of movement (sprains and strains)
  • Prophylactic use against sport injuries
  • Retention of dressings
  • Compression for varicose veins and ulcers


Excellent adhesion

  • Helps the bandage to remain adhered during lengthy treatment

Light and close fitting

  • Comfortable in use
CodeSize Pack Qty
01069-00 2.5cm x 2.75m 1 x 480
01058-00 5cm x 2.75m 1 x 240
01085-00 7.5cm x 2.75m 1 x 160