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Synthetic splint system

Dynacast Prelude is a synthetic splinting system specifically incorporating fibreglass, covered by a polypropylene padding, to offer easy application for the support and immobilisation of fresh fractures and soft tissue injuries. It is presented in a roll format for versatility in use and application.

  • Versatile splinting system for individual patient application
  • Clean modern alternative to plaster of Paris slabbing
  • Strong and light with no plaster mess
  • All-in-one roll is easy and quick to apply
  • Immobilisation of fresh fractures
  • Support of soft tissue injuries
  • Acute through to rehabilitation phases
  • Can be used across length of treatment

Strong, light & durable

  • Resin coated fibreglass provides a high strength splint which is resistant to breakdown
  • Will not breakdown when wet as plaster of Paris

Quick setting and early weight bearing

  • Dynacast Prelude has an initial set of 3 - 5 minutes and reaches weight bearing strength in 20 minutes

No mess or waste

  • With no plaster mess Dynacast Prelude is ideally suited to the theatre and ward environment
  • The continuous roll format ensures the clinician will only use what is required and provides versatility to choose the length of splint to suit the indication

Comfortable for the patient

  • Soft polypropylene padding covers the fibreglass splint which minimises the risk of pressure points
  • Naturally aids moisture transmission away from the skin to enhance patient comfort
  • Custom mouldable nature of the splint ensures a perfect patient fit

Acute through to rehabilitation phases

  • Can be used across length of treatment. Dynacast Prelude straps are available
  • Splinting reference chart available
CodeSizePack QtyNHS SC Code
71418-002.5cm x 4.6m1 x 1 rollEAF082
71420-005cm x 4.6m1 x 1 rollEAF083
71421-007.5cm x 4.6m1 x 1 rollEAF084
71415-0010cm x 4.6m1 x 1 rollEAF085
71416-0012.5cm x 4.6m1 x 1 rollEAF086
71417-0015cm x 4.6m1 x 1 rollEAF087
71419-0020cm x 2.3m1 x 1 rollEAF481
71415-18Strap kit upper limb1 x 10 kits-
71415-19Strap kit lower limb1 x 10 kits-