Dynacast® Prelude Solo
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Unpadded precut splinting system

The Dynacast Prelude Solo unpadded precut is a fibreglass splinting system that comes in a variety of widths and lengths, and is stronger and more versatile than traditional plaster of Paris slabs. Dynacast Prelude Solo splints are easy to apply and clean, and are ideal for treating trauma and post-op applications.

Fibreglass splint

  • Stronger than traditional plaster of Paris slabs
  • Reduces weight and bulk to patient

Simple activation with no plaster dust

  • No dust and mess associated with traditional plaster of Paris slabs
  • Ideal for use in Theatre, Neuro and A&E environments

Thin profile

  • Excellent mouldability ILS (interlocking strength) technology
  • Provides strength and durability
  • Minimises wrinkling and creasing in finished splint

Unique liner enables gloveless application

Code Size Pack Qty NHS SC Code
72963-00 5cm x 25cm 1 x 10 splints EAF482
72963-01 7cm x 30.5cm 1 x 10 splints EAF483
72963-02 7cm x 89cm 1 x 10 splints EAF484
72963-03 10cm x 38cm 1 x 10 splints GRS000
72963-04 10cm x 76cm 1 x 10 splints EAF485
72963-05 13cm x 76cm 1 x 10 splints EAF487
72963-06 15cm x 30.5cm 1 x 10 splints EAF488