Tensoplast® STK
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Skin traction kits

A ready to use kit including all items needed for the safe application of sustained traction weight support, and suitable for use with a variety of traction methods.

Tensoplast STK is available in an adhesive and non-adhesive version.

Adhesive version

  • Clear low allergy, pressure-sensitive adhesive for firm fixation to the leg

Non-adhesive version

  • Foam skin contact layer suitable for tender skin

Padded foot plates

  • Breathable foam liner to cushion and protect bony prominences

Conformable elastic bandage

  • Reinforces retention and aids effective traction
CodeSizePack QtyNHS SC Code
71544-00Adhesive - adult1 x 12ESB151
71554-00Adhesive - child1 x 12ESB153
71555-00Non-adhesive - adult1 x 12ESC051
71556-00Non-adhesive - child1 x 12ESC805