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Plaster of Paris bandages and slabs

Orthopaedic professionals will appreciate the creamy texture and ease of application of Specialist E whilst patients will like the smooth feel and the way it forms a well fitting cast that is reassuringly tough and strong. The unique plaster formula offers minimal plaster loss to ensure maximum strength and a smooth cast finish.

Specialist E is the ideal choice for all casting applications where quick setting time, enhanced versatility and optimum moulding characteristics are critical.  

Smooth, creamy texture

  • Allows for a smooth, aesthetically pleasing cast

Highly mouldable and strong

  • Produces a perfect fit around difficult body contours and provides well laminated casts

Sets within 2 – 4 minutes

  • Minimises the period when casts may be vulnerable to distortion

Easy to apply and remove

  • Ability to window after only 10 minutes

Strong cast 

  • Formulated to keep the plaster on the roll, where you need it, not in the wrapper or in the dip bucket

Moisture proof packaging

  • Protects and prolongs the product shelf life
  • Saves money 

Available in roll and 5ply slab format

CodeSizePack QtyNHS SC Code
72260-005cm x 2.7m1 x 12 rollsEAA002
72260-017.5cm x 2.7m1 x 12 rollsEAA003
72260-0210cm x 2.7m1 x 12 rollsEAA004
72260-0415cm x 2.7m1 x 12 rollsEAA049
72260-0520cm x 2.7m1 x 12 rollsEAA050
72259-0010cm x 20m1 x 1 slabEAA007
72259-0215cm x 20m1 x 1 slabEAA008
72259-0320cm x 20m1 x 1 slabEAA009