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Non-fibreglass polyester casting tape

Best in class, Delta-Cast Conformable sets a benchmark in standard and removable, non-fibreglass casting tapes.

Delta-Cast Conformable responds to the challenges of daily fracture management. The unique components and well designed product details make DCC the UK's No. 1 choice for non-fibreglass tape.*

It's unique construction provides rigid and semi-rigid casting options for primary and secondary casting applications where patient fit, comfort and compliance are critical.

Delta-Cast Conformable is the only UK casting tape with clinical evidence to support it's use for focused rigidity casting.  

Clinical Evidence

*In 1998 Anne C Petty and Chris Wardman from Bradford Royal Infirmary carried out a clinical study using Delta-Cast Conformable on over 200 patients. This study was published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Nursing (1998), 2, 95 - 102. Below is an abstract from the study:






High performance 3-D stretch polyester bandage

  • Ultimate conformability allows uninterrupted application of the roll without the need to tuck and fold and without creasing
  • The 3-D stretch helps to master even difficult body contours in one go
  • No wrinkles, no pressure points, no additional cast changes
  • Long lasting durability and resiliency for minimal cast breakdown

Patented Resin Formula

  • Silicone and latex free resin is designed to support ease of application and to ensure strong and long lasting lamination
  • Resin design guarantees a consistent and reliable set time
  • Ensures high lamination of layers for optimum stability, strength and reliability
  • Strong lamination of end lay down
  • The resin provides a smooth sensation during moulding which results in a smooth finish to the cast

Countless options

  • Versatile rigidity enables the practitioner to generate either traditional or focused rigidity casts with just one product
  • FRC offers a straight through therapy: only one product for all healing stages
  • Removable casts can be re-applied for greater control of the healing process

New formula

  • No need for special application gloves
  • Allows application with any standard examination gloves
  • Your choice of gloves for improved fit and sensitivity

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