Actimove® Walker Air and Standard
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The Actimove Walker range ensures protection of the foot, ankle and lower leg. They are easy to apply and comfy to wear, making them ideal for patients who require stability following a sprain, fracture or surgery. Circumferential strapping, a shock absorbing sole and breathable materials provide comfort for the patient. The removable inner sole is washable for patient hygine. Walking with Actimove Walker products feels natural through the rocker bottom which simulates a physiological gait.

Closed Shell option also now available. Click here for more details.



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  • Fractures of the foot and ankle
  • Lower extremity soft-tissue injuries
  • Severe ankle and foot sprains
  • Post-operative and rehabilitation use

Contraindications: Unstable fractures or fractures of the proximal tibia or fibula

Actimove Standard Walker designed to offer secure and lightweight stabilisation for the lower leg, ankle and foot

Actimove Standard Air Walker for adjustable stabilisation with integrated pump and valve
system to easily alter desired compression level

  • Circumferential strapping for critical stability
  • Breathable liner for high wearing comfort
  • Shock absorbing sole and rocker bottom which minimises impact and simulates a natural gait
  • Inner sole is removable and washable for patient hygine
CodeSizeUK Shoe SizeNHS SC Code
Actimove Walker Standard Low
76270-30X Small< 3ERE270
76270-31Small4 - 6.5ERE271
76270-32Medium7 - 9.5ERE272
76270-33Large10 - 12ERE273
76270-34X Large> 12ERE274
Actimove Walker Standard High
76270-35X Small< 3ERE275
76270-36Small4 - 6.5ERE276
76270-37Medium7 - 9.5ERE277
76270-38Large10 - 12ERE278
76270-39X Large> 12ERE279
Actimove Walker Air Low
76272-30X Small< 3ERE328
76272-31Small4 - 6.5ERE333
76272-32Medium 7 - 9.5ERE326
76272-33Large10 - 12ERE332
76272-34X Large> 12ERE331
Actimove Walker Air High
76272-35X Small< 3ERE334
76272-36Small4 - 6.5ERE335
76272-37Medium7 - 9.5ERE330
76272-38Large10 - 12ERE329
76272-39X Large> 12ERE327