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Synthetic cast padding

Delta-Rol synthetic cast padding is a no-absorbent synthetic material, it wicks moisture from the skin and allows it to evaporate, resulting in a reduced risk of maceration. Suitable for use with plaster of Paris and synthetic casts.

Delta-Rol Synthetic padding is a non-absorbent synthetic material

  • Wicks moisture away from the skin

Allows evaporation through knitted cast substrate

  • Low risk of skin maceration

Excellent loft retention

  • Padding will retain its bulk even when wet

Maintains excellent continuous cast fit

Code Size Pack Qty
72310-00 5cm x 2.75m 10 x 12 rolls
72310-01 7.5cm x 2.75m 24 x 12 rolls
72310-02 10cm x 2.75m 18 x 12 rolls
72310-03 15cm x 2.75m 12 x 12 rolls
72310-04 20cm x 2.75m 18 x 6 rolls