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Crepe bandage

Narrow woven construction combines high strength nylon and cotton fibres in quality crepe appearance. Conforms to Thomas type 2 light support bandage classification and is ideal for light support and for venous leg ulcer bandaging in combination.

Narrow woven construction

  • Finished edges which maintain integrity
  • Stays securely in place without shedding loose fibres
  • Confident performance and durability

65% Cotton fibres

  • Soft and absorbent
  • For cool comfort and protection Soffcrepe can be used longer with fewer changes

Polyamide Fibres

  • Durable and washable
  • Maintains the desired support over time 

Type 2 light support performance

  • Consistent performance characteristics
  • Provides an effective level of support (75% stretch with 80% regain)


  • Can be sterilised with outer packaging removed
  • Versatile for department needs
Code Description Size Pack Qty PIP Code NHS SC Code
72090-15* Hospital pack 5cm x 4.5m stretched 1 x 12 rolls 237-2217 ECA711
72090-16* Hospital pack 7.5cm x 4.5m stretched 1 x 12 rolls 237-2209 ECA713
**72090-17* Hospital pack 10cm x 4.5m stretched 1 x 12 rolls 355-0811 ECA265
72090-18 Hospital pack 15cm x 4.5m stretched 1 x 6 rolls - ECA717
*Available on Drug Tariff
**Can be used as layer 2 in the multi layer treatment of venous ulcers