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Pre-shaped tubular support bandage

Tensoshape is a pre-shaped elasticated tubular bandage suitable for light to medium support. The anatomical design provides graduated compression, which promotes improved blood flow and lymphatic return. 

  • Light support for treatment of minor soft tissue and joint injuries
  • General oedema
  • Easy Application
  • Autoclavable
  • Anatomical design allows firm, graduated compression
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Composition: the material is 85% cotton viscose and 15% elastomeric yarn
  • Application: place the thumbs in widest end of bandage, gather, and slide over the limb
  • Measuring information: the correct bandage size is selected by measuring mid-calf circumference and referring to the sizing chart below. To adjust the length, fold the bandage in half and trim both ends equally
Code Description Size Pack Qty Dimensions
72085-01 Below knee C/D Medium 1 x 10 Limb measurement 35-39cm
72085-00 Below knee D/E Large 1 x 10 Limb measurement 38-42cm
72085-06 Full leg B/D Small 1 x 10 Limb measurement 32-36cm
72085-05 Full leg C/E Medium 1 x 10 Limb measurement 35-39cm
72085-04 Full leg D/F Large 1 x 10 Limb measurement 38-42cm
72085-03 Full leg E/G Extra large 1 x 10 Limb measurement 41-45cm