Soffban® Natural
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Natural viscose cast padding

Padding suitable for use with both plaster of Paris and synthetic casts.

Highly absorbent natural viscose

  • Suitable for use where bleeding may occur
  • Absorbs exudate and moisture away from the skin
  • Reduces the risk of skin maceration and sensitivity


  • Soffban Natural is also suitable and widely used for venous leg ulcer multi layer bandaging therapy as layer no.1

Easy to apply

  • Excellent conformability around body contours
  • Easy to tear
  • Feathers easily and clings to itself
  • Blends to give a smooth even finish

Excellent cushioning

  • Padding structure creates a material which is light, deep and stable, with good air flow
  • Protects from the rigid cast material
  • Also provides protection from the cast saw on cast removal


  • Conformable for the patient, soft and gentle against the skin


  • Can be sterilised
  • No need to remove the paper wrapping
CodeSizePack Qty
71472-005cm x 2.7m1 x 12
71473-007.5cm x 2.7m1 x 12
71469-0010cm x 2.7m1 x 12
71470-0015cm x 2.7m1 x 12
71471-0020cm x 2.7m1 x 6