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Synthetic cast padding

Delta-Rol 'S' Synthetic is a unique combination of a synthetic undercast padding needled onto a thin polyurethane foam bandage. This exceptional combination delivers excellent conformability and cushioning together with the smooth, even finish associated with the use of a pre-tape over cast padding.

Non-absorbent material

  • Wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Reduces the risk of skin maceration and sensitivity
  • Cushioning 'loft' of the padding is retained even when material becomes wet
  • Delta-Rol 'S' repels water and dries easily

Easy to apply

  • Good Conformability around body contours
  • Gives a smooth even finish under the cast

Excellent cushioning

  • Padding structure creates a material which is light, deep and stable, with good airflow
  • Protects the patient with a reduced risk of skin abrasions
  • Also provides protection from the cast saw on cast removal

Polyurethane foam lining

  • Provides a smooth even finish on which to apply the cast
Code Size Pack Qty
72322-00 5cm x 2.5m 10 x 12 rolls
72322-01 7.5cm x 2.75m 12 x 12 rolls
72322-02 10cm x 2.75m 9 x 12 rolls
72322-03 15cm x 2.75m 6 x 12 rolls
72322-04 20cm x 2.75m 9 x 6 rolls