Actimove – Feel good. Move better

Actimove provides a broad range of innovative, medically engineered orthopaedic supports and braces which are reliable, thoroughly tested and tailored to meet the individual patient’s needs.

Whether running a marathon, recovering from injury, overcoming daily arthritis or movement pain-related challenges, Actimove can be relied upon to help manage pain and provide the support required.


Actimove’s wide range of therapy solutions include:


  • Professional Line – serious orthopaedic injuries require pain management and healing support to allow patients to enjoy life to the fullest. Actimove Professional Line provides excellent functionality through support, stabilisation or immobilisation.
  • Sports Edition – active, sporty people often wear neoprene supports and braces after sports injuries or to prevent re-injury, but they can be hot to wear at times and can cause excessive sweating1. Actimove Sports Edition is made from a perforated performance material which is neoprene-free and skin-friendly, offering comfort and excellent moisture management.
  • Everyday Supports – patients frequently suffer from chronic degenerative joints diseases, impacting how they are able move. These patients need a solution that provides joint stability to support their mobility. Actimove Everyday Supports provides medical compression that helps to reduce oedema and aids pain relief. Its enduring comfort is combined in a range of reliable and durable supports.
  • Arthritis Care – people suffering from chronic, painful osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis are on a quest to find lasting pain-relief2 to help them live their daily lives. Actimove Arthritis Care supports aid pain relief and increase joint mobility through soothing warmth and compression.
  • Kids – many children suffering from play or sport injuries do not like wearing supports made from neoprene. The neoprene makes them too hot and therefore uncomfortable. Actimove Kids is made from a perforated performance material which is neoprene-free and skin-friendly, offering comfort and excellent moisture management


1 Essity End-User Validation Research 10/2012; n= 400 OSG shoppers in USA

2 Essity Internal Shopper Study

Knee and Thigh

Actimove® knee products are second to none, incorporating innovative features which enhance comfort, stabilisation and ease of use.


The Actimove® range of ankle supports and braces offers therapeutic results and pain relief with a host of design and functional innovations.


From arm slings to elbow supports, Actimove® design and material innovations combine essential support with flexibility and comfort for successful therapy and optimum compliance.

Hand & Wrist

The Actimove® hand and wrist range has been designed with user friendly features to support patient compliance.

Back & Neck

Designed for reliable support and convenience, this range of back and cervical products provides patients with a variety of functional benefits


Intelligent design features strike the perfect balance between reliable rigidity and a comfortable, customisable fit.