From arm slings to elbow supports, Actimove® design and material innovations combine essential support with flexibility and comfort for successful therapy and optimum compliance.

Actimove® Elbow Strap - SPORTS EDITION

Includes removable therapeutic hot / cold pack Provides a secure fit and offers pain relief for conditions such as tennis or golfer elbow.

Actimove® Elbow Support - KIDS

Adjustable kids elbow support Provides mild support of the elbow joint.

Actimove® Mitella Comfort

Stable arm support Actimove® Mitella Comfort is a stable arm support. Patients will benefit from the easy application and breathable material.

Actimove® Mitella

Comfortable arm support Actimove® Mitella is an economical arm support. Universally sized, for both the left and right arm, fitting the majority of patients.

Actimove® Mitella for Kids

Colorful arm support Actimove® Mitella for Kids is a paediatric arm support with a fun and colourful design. It provides stable support with a universal fit (left and right arm) and size, to the majo...

Actimove® Sling

Practical sling, easily applied Actimove® Sling is an economical arm sling. The single roll pack uses little storage space and allows for easy dispensing through its top opening system. 

Actimove® Elbow Support - ARTHRITIS CARE

Actimove Elbow Support Knitted support for the treatment of painful arthritis of the elbow joint.

Actimove® Sling for Kids

Colourful patterned sling Actimove® Sling for Kids is a paediatric arm sling in a fun and colorful pattern to make kids, parents and clinicians smile. Adjustable in length this sling provides various...

Actimove® Sling Comfort

High wearing comfort Actimove® Sling Comfort is an arm sling for a stable and supported forearm. It is easily adjustable and has a universal fit. It comes in a compact two-roll dispenser box featurin...

Actimove® Elbow Support - EVERYDAY SUPPORTS

Elbow Support Provides firm compression and support for painful conditions and irritations of the elbow.