2024 National Casting Day registration is now open. REGISTER HERE! National Casting Day is an initiative to promote the skills and services of the cast room within their hospital trust and local community. It's the day casting departments celebrate the work they do! With the focus on training, education, innovation and fun, it allows the cast room to raise their profile. National Casting Day started in 2014 with many trusts being involved and completing various activities to celebrate the day.


Get your FREE National Casting Day pack with the added Bonfire Night themed Hospital Cast Off competition - NEW for 2024. Learn more below or contact us for more information. Registrations are limited and closing date for registrations is Friday 4th October at 4:30pm. If didn't register last year, you don't want to miss out this year! Register here.

What's NEW for 2024?

Introducing Hospital Cast off! In addition to your National Casting Day celebrations, we are inviting you to take part in our Bonfire night themed casting competition. When you register to take part in National Casting Day, your pack will include information to help inspire you to create a dazzling and delightful creation for this competition.

“Remember, remember, the 5th(ish) of November, gunpowder CASTING and plot. I see no reason why CASTING COMPETITIONS should ever be forgot.”

How to enter: submit your team's entry by sending a photograph of your 'Bonfire Night Cast Off' to Entries must include the name of the artist, place of work and contact details. Alternatively, it may be sent via private message in Facebook Messenger to the Delta-Cast Facebook page. Hospital Departments can enter more than once. Entries to be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday 6th November 2024. Winners will be announced, and contacted, on or before 14th November 2024. Terms and Conditions apply, click here.

Get your FREE National Casting Day pack with the added Bonfire Night themed Hospital Cast Off competition here. Registration for National Casting Day closes at 4.30pm on Friday 4th October 2024.

What is National Casting Day?

National Casting Day is an initiative to promote the skills and services of the cast room within your Hospital Trust and local community. The day on which casting departments can celebrate their skills and work! The focus is on trainingeducationinnovation and fun allowing you to raise the profile of your cast room within your Trust and local community. National Casting Day was started in 2014 with a number of Trusts getting involved and all doing various activities to highlight their events.

What’s in it for you? Raise the profile of your team and the value of the skills in the department - the variety of techniques there are, the number of departments you work with and even the number of patients you see.

What’s in it for your local community? Some teams invite school or Scout groups in to show children that the fracture clinic and plaster room is not something to be afraid of and linking in with wider learning initiatives.

What’s in it for your Trust? Celebrating skills and showcasing departments gives a greater understanding of how the whole Trust works and the impacts and best practice sharing that each department can have with each other. 

What date is this year's National Casting Day? National Casting Day is on Thursday 7th November this year. Need some inspiration. Take a look at the fabulous photos from 2023 event here

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