Legs Matter Roadshows

Educational events for podiatrists and community nurses.

Bringing you the Legs Matter Roadshow in partnership with Essity and supported by Huntleigh Healthcare and member organisations from the Legs Matter Coalition. 

"Raising the alarm on hidden harm". Learn more and find out how to register here.

Dates and locations

  • 6 September 2024 – Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow
  • 20 September 2024 – Royal College of Podiatry, Kent
  • 9 December 2024 – Essity Didsbury Office, Manchester
  • 24 January 2025 – Huntleigh Training Centre, Cardiff
  • March/April 2025 – Queen’s University, Belfast

Time: 9:30 to 16:15

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Knowledge and skills learning objectives

  • An overview of the physiology and pathopyhsiology of the peripheral arterial and venous systems in the lower limb
  • How to carry out a holistic lower limb assessment and develop awareness of what to do with red flags and when to refer on
  • An understanding of the basics of compression therapy and how it can support in the prevention of leg ulcer development and management of venous disease
  • Develop practical skills in ABPI and how to assess and measure for phlebology compression garments

What to know more? Visit the Legs Matter website here

Legs Matter Roadshows

Secure your place on an upcoming Legs Matter Roadshow. "Raising the alarm on hidden harm".

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