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Monopivotal cast hinge

A monopivotal knee and elbow cast hinge that is ideal for cost-effective functional cast bracing, available with a range of motion settings of flexion and extension.

Mono-pivotal mechanism

DC Hinge uses a mono-pivotal mechanism and is available in a range-of-motion: 0, 15, 30, 60 and 90. This type of hinge works in the same way as the bi-pivotal hinge, except that the hinge joints on mono-pivotal hinges are not aligned in a parallel manner on either side of the knee. Instead, they work independently of each other.

A unique plastic "spider"

  • Engages each of the four ROM pins so that they cannot be dropped accidentally

Hinge protection plate

  • Prevents tampering of the hinge mechanism and provides added security

Splined head plates

  • Engage with the mesh of the cast material to ensure good fixation 
Code Description Size Pack Qty NHS SC Code
72297-17 Knee cast hinge - monopivotal Universal offset 1 pair -
72297-06 Knee cast hinge - monopivotal Medium offset right 1 pair GRS186
72297-07 Knee cast hinge - monopivotal Medium offset left 1 pair GRS187
72297-08 Knee cast hinge - monopivotal Large offset right 1 pair GRS188
72297-09 Knee cast hinge - monopivotal Large offset left 1 pair GRS189
72297-10 Elbow / knee cast hinge - monopivotal Paediatric elbow / knee 1 pair -