Solo Cast shoe
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Hard wearing cast shoe

The anatomically curved design and hook and loop closure of the Solo cast shoe allows a natural walking movement and easy fastening.

Designed for normal walking gait

  • Anatomical curved design allows for good walking movement
  • Limits hip-problems during long-term immobilisation by preventing external rotation of the foot
  • Low profile is compatible with the use of a normal shoe for the non-immobilised foot

Synthetic straps with a hook and loop closure

  • Allows for easy and firm fastening
  • The two versatile straps can either be positioned around the ankle or crossed over
  • Straps can also be purchased separately

Flexible heel cup

  • Fits both wide and narrow foot for improved stability

Universal left/right

  • Simplifies inventory control

This product is also suitable for use with patients with venous or lymphatic leg bandaging.

CodeSizePack QtyNHS SC Code
72298-40X Small (20.3cm)1 x 10CVL151
72298-41Small (23cm)1 x 10CVL152
72298-42Medium (25.2cm)1 x 10CVL153
72298-43Large (28cm)1 x 10CVL154
72298-44X Large (30.2cm)1 x 10CVL155