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2-in-1 compression system for managing venous ulcers

JOBST UlcerCARE is recommended for the management of venous ulcers after oedema reduction and for helping prevent the recurrence of such ulcers. The system comprises two components (a medical stocking with optional zipper and a compression liner) which together provide a nominal compression of 40mmHg at the ankle with decreasing gradient pressure from distal to proximal.

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Product features

  • Ideal solution for patients capable of changing wound dressings
  • Cost effective
  • Minimizes nursing care time per patient visit
  • Allows for improved personal hygiene
  • Functional with normal footwear and clothing
  • Zipper allows for easier donning
  • Zipper's pull tab accommodates better grasp

Benefits of JOBST UlcerCARE ready-to-wear

  • Available in 7 ready-to-wear sizes to accommodate a wide variety of patient requirements whilst facilitating easy stock control and storage
  • Outer stocking available with or without zipper and in choice of beige or black
  • Liner contains silk for healthy skin, easy donning and patient concordance 

Benefits of JOBST UlcerCARE custom-fit

  • Each garment is custom-fit to ensure precise fit and compression
  • Seamed flat-knitting process allows for individual fit for all leg shapes and sizes, including abnormally shaped legs
  • Straight and slant open toe options
  • Choice of lateral and medial zipper positions 

Ordering information

To view our JOBST UlcerCARE ordering information for both ready-to-wear and custom-fit, please click on the link below:
JOBST UlcerCARE Sales Aid

For assistance contact Customer Services on 0845 122 3600 or email

For further ordering information, please contact Customer Services on 0845 122 3600 or email To support your clinical related questions please call The Compression Helpline on 0800 389 8424.

Disclaimer: Please note that these order forms are supplied for use by healthcare professionals who have been specifically trained to measure for JOBST garments. BSN medical takes no responsibility for any measurement inaccuracies, so please check thoroughly before submitting your order.

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