Fragile Skin

Leukoplast – the professionals‘ choice

For more than 100 years, professionals have trusted in Leukoplast’s expertise and high-quality products. 

Benefits for you

  • Provide high quality care for your patients
  • Reliable adhesion with low impact on fragile and compromised skin
  • Atraumatic adhesive, protecting skin integrity
  • Prevent skin stripping and tearing
  • Breathable material can reduce risk of maceration
  • Can be repositioned without stressing the skin or losing adhesive strength
  • Radio-transparent for rapid x-ray procedures
  • Quick and easy application to body contours

Benefits for your patients

  • Comfortable to wear and gentle to remove
    • 98% confirm an atraumatic removal*
    • 93% confirm that they had no skin reactions*
    • >85% rate wearing comfort as good or very good

* Source: C1525, Clinical Study Report: Prospective, multicentre, observational study to evaluate the product characteristics of an adhesive fixation dressing. Fixomull® gentle touch – A non-interventional study by Global Clinical Operations, BSN medical GmbH (Fixomull is also marketed under Hypafix brand. Gentle touch has been relaunched under skin sensitive)

Leukoplast skin sensitive technology – gentle with many advantages

  • Fragile and compromised skin has special needs when it comes to fixation. Leukoplast offers a solution for gentle dressing application and removal in everyday medical care.
    • >90% state that they hardly notice the comfortable dressing^
    • >95% confirm a strong adhesion of the film^
    • >85% confirm a pain-free removal^

  • For challenging application situations:
  • Frequent dressing changes
  • Pain-sensitive body areas
  • Wounds that require regular inspection 
  • Innovative film dressing:
  • Highly vapour permeable, showerproof
  • Protection from bacteria
  • Secures like a second skin

^Source: Assessment of Wearing Properties of Different Patch Systems; Essity BSN medical GmbH; data on file

Introducing the Leukoplast Skin Senstitive range
Post-operative dressings 

  • Leukoplast® Leukomed® T skin sensitive transparent film dressing - For secure wound protection and fixation on fragile skin 
  • Leukoplast® Leukomed® T plus skin sensitive transparent film island dressing - For secure wound protection on fragile skin 


  • Leukoplast® Hypafix® skin sensitive wide area fixation - For fixation of larger wound dressings 
  • Leukoplast® skin sensitive fixation tape - For secure fixation of wound dressings or secondary fixation of medical devices