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X-ray detectable swabs

Made from high quality, BP Type 13 gauze, Fivex swabs are available either sterile or non-sterile. Sterile swabs are double wrapped and can be opened using aseptic techniques.


  • All made from high quality BP Type 13 gauze
  • Strict quality control procedures to ensure consistent quality
  • Wide range of sizes and plies to cover operational needs
  • The double wrapped sterile packaging allows easy opening of each tied-five whilst maintaining aseptic technique
  • Easy to count and safe to monitor in use with blue x-ray detectable filament for reliable detection
  • Some sizes available in green for anaesthetists


CodeSizePack Qty
71764-0510cm x 7.5cm 32ply9 x 15 T5s
71764-0610cm x 10cm 32ply9 x 15 T5s
71766-1636cm x 11cm 16ply3 x 10 T5s
71766-1730cm x 30cm 12ply2 x 10 T5s
71766-1545cm x 45cm 12ply2 x 5 T5s
71764-07Green 10cm x 10cm 12ply9 x 25 T5s


BSN CodeSizePack Qty
71764-0010cm x 7.5cm 32 ply50 x 10 T5s
71764-0310cm x 10cm 16 ply30 x 20 T5s
71758-0010cm x 10cm 32 ply30 x 10 T5s
71758-0315cm x 10cm 24 ply25 x 10 T5s
71766-2015cm x 2.5cm 16 ply10 x 10 T5s
71766-1936cm x 11cm 16 ply15 x 10 T5s
71766-2222.5cm x 22.5cm 12 ply7 x 10 T5s
71766-2330cm x 30cm 12 ply10 x 10 T5s
71766-2645cm x 45cm 12 ply4 x 10 T5s
71758-15Green 7.5cm x 7.5cm 8 ply50 x 20 T5s
71764-01Green 10cm x 10cm 12 ply36 x 20 T5s
71764-04Green 10cm x 7.5cm 32 ply50 x 10 T5s