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The waterproof tape for impermeable dressings

Leukoflex is the surgical tape of choice when you need waterproof dressing fixation needs to be impermeable to water. Wound dressings secured with Leukoflex increase mobility, allowing patients to shower, swim or participate in hydrotherapy.

  • For the fixation of dressings of all types and sizes
  • Secure fixation also under water due to good initial and permanent adhesion
  • Thin, water-resistant polyethylene film with skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive
  • Impermeable on the inside and outside
  • Suitable for occlusive dressings
  • Conforms smoothly to body contours
  • Adapts well to all movements
CodeSizePack QtyPIP Code
01131-001.25cm x 5m1 x 24 rolls044-9967
01132-002.5cm x 5m1 x 12 rolls044-9991
01134-005cm x 5m1 x 6 rolls045-0015