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The transparent tape for rapid fixation

When transparency and quick action are called for, Leukofix is the surgical tape of choice. Particularly useful in emergencies or intensive care, Leukofix is suitable for a wide range of fication needs.


  • Fixation of dressings of all types and sizes
  • Cannulae
  • Probes
  • Catheters
  • Transparent
  • Air and moisture-permeable polyethylene film
  • Allows the puncture site to be observed and monitored without removing the dressing
  • No need to remove for x-ray
  • Good initial and long-term adhesion providing secure fixation
  • Skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive
  • Breathable, reducing the risk of skin maceration
  • Film with micro-perforators, tears easily crosswise, lengthwise or in the middle
  • Fits all body contours
CodeDescriptionSizePack QtyPIP Code
02121-00Snap ring5m1 x 24 rolls044-2863
02122-00Snap ring5m1 x 12 rolls044-5254
02124-00Snap ring5m1 x 6 rolls044-7086
02136-00Hospital packs, on plastic core9.2m1 x 24 rolls044-8266
02137-00Hospital packs, on plastic core9.2m1 x 12 rolls044-9199
02138-00Hospital packs, on plastic core9.2m1 x 6 rolls044-9207