Hypafix® Transparent
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Ultra thin, waterproof dressing fixation

Adhesive fixation needs to provide reliable adhesion, be simple to use, comfortable to wear and above all, protect the primary wound dressing. Available on a roll, Hypafix Transparent is an ultra thin, non-sterile film which protects dressings from contamination whilst allowing the skin to breathe. Patients can bathe or even go swimming with Hypafix Transparent securely and hardly noticeably covering their wound dressing.


  • Waterproof wide-area fixation of wound dressings, even on joints and extremities
  • Fixation of instruments, probes and catheters
  • Hygienic fixation of ointment dressings
  • Skin protection

  • Ultra thin and comfortable film

    • Dressing is hardly noticeable on the skin, neither visibly or to touch
    • High wearing comfort

  • Protective barrier

    • Protects reliably against water, bacteria, viruses and contaminants
    • Allows patient to shower and bathe

  • Highly breathable and conformable

    • Prevents skin maceration

  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility

    • Reliably secures and protects wound pads and primary dressings as well as instruments, probes, catheters and other devices
    • Moves with the skin

      • High patient compliance

  • Easily cut to length and shape required
CodeSizePack QtyPIP CodeNHS SC Code
72378-005cm x 10m1 x 12 rolls-ELW286
72378-0110cm x 10m1 x 12 rolls-ELW287
72378-0215cm x 10m1 x 12 rolls--
72378-0310cm x 2m1 x 12 rolls340-4324-