Easifix® K
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A highly conformable, knitted retention bandage

Easifix K is an open-knitted bandage made from high-grade viscose and polyamide fibres. As well as being lightweight, soft and breathable, this all-rounder is highly elastic and flexible, making Easifix K the bandage of choice, even for joints.


Easifix K is suitable for the fixation of dressings on all body parts, especially on joints.

  • Knitted structure
  • Secure fixation of dressings
  • Lengthways elasticity and sideways stretch
  • Fits all body contours
  • Open loop structure
  • Minimises risk of maceration
  • Finished edges
  • Non-fraying
CodeSizePack QtyPIP CodeNHS SC Code
72617-002.5cm x 4m1 x 20354-9532EDB060
72617-015cm x 4m1 x 20349-2139EDB062
72617-027.5cm x 4m1 x 20349-2147EDB061
72617-0310cm x 4m1 x 20349-2154EDB067
72617-0415cm x 4m1 x 20349-2162EDB063