Leukoplast® Leukomed® T skin sensitive
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Skin sensitive transparent film island dressing

Leukomed® T Skin Sensitive is intended for the fixation of wound dressings and additional fixation of devices and for the coverage of acute wounds, such as closed surgical wounds, cuts and abrasions. It is especially suitable for fragile and sensitive skin.

  • Fixation of primary wound care dressings

    • Securement of devices 
    • Catheters 
    • Tubes 
    • Probes 
    • Drainage

  • Post-operative wound coverage 

For secure wound protection and fixation on fragile skin 

  • Sterile fixation of primary dressings 
  • Additional fixation of devices 
  • Protects against friction and shear forces 
  • Bacteria and waterproof protection of post-operative wounds, cuts and abrasions 
CodeSizePack Qty
76464-005cm x 7.2cm1 x 5
76464-018cm x 10cm1 x 5
76464-028cm x 15cm1 x 5