Leukomed® T plus
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Transparent film dressing with absorbent pad

Leukomed T plus is a sterile water and bacteria proof transparent dressing pad.

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  • To provide cover for minor to medium sized wounds such as:

    • Post-operative
    • Traumatic
    • Superficial cuts
    • Lacerations
    • Minor burns

  • The transparent polyurethane film of Leukomed T plus is waterproof and bacteria-proof providing effective protection from water and bacteria
  • Leukomed T plus dressings are permeable to water vapour and oxygen reducing the risk of maceration
  • The dressing can stay in place for several days protecting against friction
  • The dressings have a reliable initial and permanent adhesion. Rounded edges prevent rucking and a secure fit
  • The red strip technology allows quick dressing changes making it easy to use
  • Patient comfort: Leukomed T plus dressings allow patients to shower at an early stage, or to receive hydrotherapy.
  • Red Strip Technology: Leukomed T plus dressings have a unique, red strip release mechanism allowing quick, simple, one-handed application.

CodeSizePack QtyPIP CodeNHS SC Code *Welsh Health Supplies
72382-007.2cm x 5cm1 x 50335-6037ELW320/EIA240*
72382-018cm x 10cm1 x 50335-6003ELW324/EIA2430*
72382-028cm x 15cm1 x 50335-6011ELW261/EIA245*
72382-0310cm x 25cm1 x 50335-6045ELW328/EIA247*
72382-0410cm x 30cm1 x 50335-6060ELW330/EIA249*
72382-0510cm x 35cm1 x 50335-6086ELW331/EIA251*
72382-1410cm x 20cm1 x 50340-3516ELW326/EIA0247*