Leukomed® IV
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Safe, reliable I.V. fixation

The quick and reliable solution for securing central and peripheral I.V. catheters and cannulae. Dressings also include name labels and additional fixation strips. 

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Precaution: Not to be used on patients with known sensitivity or intolerance to acylic adhesive

  • Transparent film dressing which allows for a quick and easy inspection or wound environment
  • Thin, soft and flexible film for secure fit, increased patient comfort and a residue free record
  • Waterproof allowing patients to bath or shower
  • Bacteria proof to help reduce the risk of infection
  • Secure fixation however additional fixation strips supplied along with patient label to aid recording of pt data
  • Radiolucent allows for no unnecessary product removal and can be left in place for up to 7 days
CodeSizePack Qty
72390-044.5cm x 4.5cm1 x 50
72390-005.8cm x 8cm1 x 50
72390-057cm x 9cm1 x 50
72390-038.5cm x 11.5cm1 x 50