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Clearly controlling the risk

Continuous wound inspection plays an important role in fighting surgical site infections. The Leukoplast® experts have combined the highly innovative hydropolymer technology with the most protective and transparent of the Leukoplast film. Thanks to the transparency of both the film and hydropolymer pad of Leukomed Control, wound progression inspection and early detection of infection is easily possible - without dressing changes.

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Leukomed Control is indicated for dry and low exuding acute wounds such as surgical incisions, superficial partial-thickness burns, donor sites, lacerations and abrasions.

Recommendation: It is well suited for the control of wounds on patients with an increased risk of infection.

Transparent matt surface with low friction

  • Dressing is hardly noticeable on the skin
  • Highly conformable, enhancing patient comfort 
  • Blended edges prevent roll up of the edges

Sterile barrier

  • Protects against water, bacteria and contaminants
  • Can help to reduce the risk of surgical site infection

Highly breathable and conforming

  • Prevents skin maceration and tension blisters
  • Readily adapts to the skin's flexion and oedema through its reliable, skin-friendly adhesive border

Excellent adhesion

  • Provides gentle, yet strong fixation
  • High patient compliance
  • Up to 7 day wear time
CodeSizePad SizePack QtyNHS SC Code
73230-005cm x 7cm2cm x 4cm1 x 10ELW836
73230-017cm x 10cm4cm x 7cm1 x 10ELW837
73230-028cm x 15cm4.5cm x 11.5cm1 x 10ELW838
73230-0310cm x 24cm6cm x 20cm1 x 5ELW840
73230-0510 x 35cm6cm x 31cm1 x 5ELW841