Leukoplast® eye occlusor
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Eye occlusor

The prevention and treatment of strabismus and amblyopia is challenging, often in very young patients. An eye occlusion patch should reliably keep out the light and meets individual patient needs. 

  • Impermeable to light 
  • Does not hinder the movement of the eye 
  • Well tolerated even by sensitive skin 
  • Comfortable to wear, with or without wearing glasses 
  • Provides reliable adhesion 
  • Maintains skin integrity 
  • Can be worn on the left or right eye 
  • Monstor stickers provided to be applied to each dressing

Leukoplast eye occlusor is intended for the prophylactic or therapeutic use of strabismus or amblyopia in children.

CodeSizePack Qty
76467-00 Junior 4.7cm x 6.7cm1 x 30
76466-00Regular 5.5cm x 7.6cm 1 x 30

Recommended size guide: 

  • For infants up to 3 years: Junior 4.7cm x 6.7cm 
  • For children 3 years or over: Regular 5.5cm x 7.6cm