Coverplast® Classic
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Adhesive fabric dressings

For flexible comfort that stretches with every movement, Coverplast Classic are strong and durable dressings that protect everyday minor injuries. The dressings remain securely in place due to the use of a rubber adhesive and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

  • Unique twisted weave provides excellent stretch making the dressings conformable but also robust and durable
  • A highly absorbent, low-adherent wound pad plus a breathable cotton fabric reduces the risk of maceration
  • Secure adhesion
  • The strong, rubber-based adhesive provides secure adhesion ensuring the dressing stays in place
CodeSizePack Qty
Pre-cut dressings
72601-003.8cm x 2.2cm100
72601-013.8cm x 3.8cm100
72601-026.3cm x 2.2cm100
72601-037.2cm x 2.2cm100
72601-047.2cm x 5cm100
Fingertip dressings
72115-205cm x 4.5cm50
Anchor dressings
72601-067.2cm x 3.8cm100