Coverplast® Barrier
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Waterproof adhesive dressings 

Coverplast Barrier first aid dressings provide protection to patients by reducing the risk of infection and to nursing staff by establishing an effective bacterial and viral barrier, including against HIV*.

*Data on file.

  • The dressings are made from a thin, elastic polyurethane film making them conformable and comfortable as well as waterproof and impermeable to oil and fat
  • The absorbent, low adherent wound pad and breathable film reduce the risk of maceration
  • A skin-friendly, acrylic adhesive provides secure adhesion ensuing the dressings stay in place
  • The film provides a viral and bacterial barrier helping to prevent wound infection
CodeSizePack Qty
Pre-cut dressings
72143-032.4cm spot100
72143-043.8cm x 2.2cm100
72143-023.8cm x 3.8cm100
71181-005cm x 4.4cm50
72143-006.3cm x 2.2cm100
72143-056.3cm x 3.8cm100
72143-017.2cm x 2.2cm100
72143-067.2cm x 5cm100
Assorted pack
72143-17No.2 assortment*120
72306-06Wallet pack**21