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Outstanding sheerness

JOBST UltraSheer is a range of ready-to-wear, circular-knit RAL compression hosiery designed to offer highly effective, therapeutic compression for the management of lymphatic and venous diseases. An exceptional combination of comfort, style and gradient compression therapy.

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Especially fine yarns

  • Provide outstanding sheerness and a silky look
  • Deliver superior breathability and moisture management making the garments more comfortable to wear
  • Elegant and stylish appearance encourages better patient compliance


  • Makes the garments extremely soft and comfortable to wear
  • Offers improved ease of donning and fit

Precise gradient compression

  • Guaranteed RAL compression for effective compression therapy to treat venous and lymphatic diseases
  • Noticeable relief and a sense of well-being for sufferers of venous diseases


  • Two RAL compression classes
  • Four styles

    • knee high
    • thigh high
    • tights
    • maternity tights*

  • Six ready-to-wear sizes in two leg lengths to fit a wide range of patients
  • Range of options
  • Six fashionable colours
  • Extensive Drug Tariff availability
    *Note: not available on Drug Tariff

Ordering Information

JOBST UltraSheer RAL compression garments are available on Drug Tariff, direct and selected lines are also available through the NHSSC. 

Please reference the JOBST Ready-to-Wear Order Code Booklet (below) for details of BSN order codes, PIP codes and NHSSC codes.

Measuring Information

Please select the "Styles" tab for an overview of styles, options, colours and sizing chart.

Click here for JOBST Ready-to-Wear Order Form.
Click here for the JOBST Ready-to-Wear Order Code Booklet.

For further ordering information, please contact Customer Services on 0845 122 3600 or email To support your clinical related questions please call The Compression Helpline on 0800 389 8424.

Disclaimer: Please note that these order forms are supplied for use by healthcare professionals who have been specifically trained to measure for JOBST garments. BSN medical takes no responsibility for any measurement inaccuracies, so please check thoroughly before submitting your order.

Compression classes

  1. RAL CCL1 (18-21mmHg)
  2. RAL CCL2 (23-32mmHg)


Note: Maternity tights not available on Drug Tariff


  • Six sizes
  • Petite or regular leg lengths
  • Wider circumference available for thigh high garments


  • Open or closed toe
  • Soft, lace and decorative dotted silicone band
  • Standard and wider thigh circumference


Measuring chart 

Measuring chart PDF

Note: not all styles and options available on Drug Tariff, please see JOBST Ready to Wear Order Code Booklet for further information.