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Your style expert - the perfect companion for work

A ready-to-wear, circular-knit, RAL compression sock that is indistinguishable from a man's dress sock. Designed specifically for men to offer the perfect combination of style and therapeutic effectiveness in the treatment of lymphatic and venous conditions. The functional and timeless ribbed design makes JOBST forMen Ambition the perfect companion for work.

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Cotton and carbon - the C2 effect

  • Provides optimal comfort and odour management
  • Premium quality cotton ensures a natural feeling against the skin
  • Biologically neutral odour-control-system to keep the foot dry and fresh
  • Carbon particles are inherent in fibres and recharged after each washing

Heel pocket

  • Designed specifically for the male anatomy to provide a perfect fit

Broad knee welt

  • Improved comfort due to reduced risk of sliding / biting

Toe relief zone

  • Helps reduce pressure points
  • Flat seams offer improved comfort

Soft yarns

  • For ease of donning and exceptional comfort


  • Sizing chart is specific to male measurements and accommodates a higher percentage of the male population

JOBST forMen Ambition compression socks are available on Drug Tariff and direct.

Please reference the JOBST forMen Ambition Ready-to-Wear Order Code Booklet (below) for details of BSN order codes and PIP codes.

Please select the "Styles" tab for an overview of the style, options, colours and sizing chart.  for JOBST Ready-to-Wear Order Form.

Click here for the order form.

Click here for the JOBST forMen Ready-to-Wear Order Code Booklet.

For further ordering information, please contact Customer Services on 0845 122 3600 or email To support your clinical related questions please call The Compression Helpline on 0800 389 8424.

Disclaimer: Please note that these order forms are supplied for use by healthcare professionals who have been specifically trained to measure for JOBST garments. BSN medical takes no responsibility for any measurement inaccuracies, so please check thoroughly before submitting your order.

Compression classes

  1. RAL CCL 1 (18-21mmHg)
  2. RAL CCL 2 (23-32mmHg)


  • Knee high with closed toe


  • Six sizes
  • Regular and long leg lengths


Available in five colours on Drug Tariff for improved patient compliance.