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The next generation of flat-knit compression garments is here!

We are excited to introduce the new JOBST Confidence range of flat-knit RAL compression garments for the treatment of mild to moderate lymphoedema and chronic oedema. 
This new range inspires confidence with a number of unique features that sets JOBST Confidence apart from other flat-knit garments, taking lymphoedema management to the next step.

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Contour Fit technology

  • Where classic compression garments can only be adapted at one point to patients’ measurements leaving areas of uneven compression and contact. The new JOBST Confidence range can be adapted at four points, pulling in the fabric to ensure a perfect circumferential fit

Soft but firm support

  • Made with a supple conforming fabric that provides reassurance of firm support
  • Softer multifilament yarns to support a pleasant feeling on the skin
  • Providing greater flexibility to support an active life style
  • Made with a blend of soft yarns that enhance comfort even to patients with fragile skin

Double layered fabric

  • Only JOBST Confidence utilises a high-performance double layer fabric to wick away moisture from the skin and towards the garment's outer layer, consisting of: 

    • Non-absorbent yarns at the inside
    • Moisture wicking yarns at the outside 
    • The two yarns together create a push-pull effect and provides effective moisture management with reduced heat build-up

Easy donning

  • JOBST Confidence is made from a flexible, conforming fabric that is designed to make putting on the garment and taking off easier

JOBST Confidene is available direct . For full detail, including measuring information, please contact your Essity Key Account Manager or Customer Services on 0845 122 3600 or e-mail

Measuring information

For an order form detailing the measurements required for the JOBST Confidence garments, please click here.