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Effective oedema reduction. Easy to apply.

Successfully reducing oedemas and healing open venous leg ulcers in the C3-C6 range is not always easy as treatment relies upon applying the correct compression to the leg. Tests show many compression bandage treatments either use too much compression, or too little. Which means either the patient's general health is at an increased risk, or the treatment is less effective than it should be.

JOBST® Compri2 and JOBST® Compri2 Lite two-layer bandaging systems aid the healing of leg ulcers by the application of compression. Compression is considered to be the cornerstone of leg ulcer therapy. Many studies indicate adequate compression supports venous flow and show significant effects on deep venous haemodynamics, ultimately providing improvements in pain reduction, mobility and general quality of life for the patient.

JOBST® Compri2 and JOBST® Compri2 Lite two-layer bandaging systems are indicated in the treatment of venous leg ulcers and to reduce oedema in chronic venous insufficiency.

Compression on demand - two choices to achieve the compression needed.

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JOBST Compri2
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