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100% cotton crepe bandage

Leukocrepe is a cotton crepe bandage offers reliable Thomas Type 2 light support performance including stretch and regain. Made from 100% cotton, Leukocrepe provides light support as well as cool comfort and protection.

Soft and absorbent

  • Cool comfort and protection

Non fraying feather edges

  • No shedding of loose fibres
  • Soft and comfortable with no harsh edges for the patient


  • Can be sterilised with outer package removable
  • Multi purpose crepe bandage for all departmental needs
CodeSizePack QtyPIP Code
72335-007.5cm x 4.5m1 x 12044-1857
72336-0010cm x 4.5m1 x 12044-2269
72337-0015cm x 4.5m1 x 12044-2665