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Custom knee, hip and elbow cast brace hinges

The Masterhinge Locking Knee Hinge is excellent for functional cast bracing. The bi-pivotal mechanism accommodates the natural motion of the knee and can be used in the treatment of fractures and ligament injuries. The hinge mechanism can be set for any range of motion or locked at any desired knee flexion angle.

  • Excellent quality and durability
  • Low profile, lightweight
  • Splined head plates
  • Hyperextension stops
  • Full to limited range of motion
  • Range of sizes
  • Alignment jig is available to ensure optimum fit

Bi-pivotal mechanism

The Masterhinge Knee Hinge uses a bi-pivotal mechanism which provides controlled movement at the joint allowing natural motion of the knee. The hinge mechanism also provides a range of motion stops. The mechanism has adjustors which act as continuous variable limiters or flexion and extension during the healing process.

Bi-pivotal mechanism

  • Accommodates the natural movement of the knee

Unique splined headplates

  • Engages each of the four ROM points so that they cannot be dropped accidently

Available in different offsets

  • Ensures lateral and medial hinges are aligned with optimal condylar clearance
Code Description Size Pack Qty NHS SC code
72299-00 Knee - Bipivotal locking cast hinge Universal offset 1 pair GRS179
72299-01 Knee - Bipivotal locking cast hinge Medium offset right 1 pair GRS181
72299-02 Knee - Bipivotal locking cast hinge Medium offset left 1 pair GRS182
72299-03 Knee - Bipivotal locking cast hinge Large offset right 1 pair GRS183
72299-04 Knee - Bipivotal locking cast hinge Large offset left 1 pair GRS184
72299-05 Elbow / knee - Bipivotal locking cast hinge Knee / elbow paediatric 1 pair GRS185
72297-14 Custom Hip Hinge Short 1 each -
72297-15 Custom Hip Hinge Long 1 each -
72297-16 Custom Hip Hinge Extra Long 1 each -
72296-23 Alignment Jig - 1 Jig -